Available Critters from Nick’s Critter Rescue

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Available Critters as of 01/09/2022:

5 Rabbits (1 Male and 4 Females)

4 Guinea Pigs (1 Male and 3 Females)

1 Veiled Chameleon

2 Water Dragons

2 Ball Pythons (outside of CB City limits)

3 Parakeets

Several Gold Fish and 1 Large Pleco

1 Bearded Dragon


Hairless Guinea Pig

No your eyes don’t deceive you this is a hairless guinea pig A.K.A Skinny Pig. He is in need of a great home. Note this guy is NOT part of the discounted adoptions. If interested or for more information please let us know.



Guinea pigs

Hope everyone is having a great evening! Along with the snake we are now treating I also took in six Guinea pigs tonight. Four males and two females. I will post pictures and more info once I get them settled but if you or someone you know is interested please let us know!!




Water Dragons

Still available we have these three beautiful Water Dragons!! How cool!!! And might I say very photogenic! If you’re interested please reach out we would love to chat with you about these awesome guys!!





Just a reminder we still have Three bunnies looking for their forever home. The large grey one is a female and mom to the two others. These babies are growing fast and approaching almost four months old! Please let me know if you or anyone else is interested in these cuties! Adoption fees apply. (Also sorry for my crazy face on the one)



Sept 13


Two new intakes tonight. This sweet little guy and girl are Chico and Rico a chinchilla pair. They are settling in nicely. They are Not available for adoption yet. Going to keep an eye on them for a little bit and monitor them. They definitely need some loving care. Keep an eye out for updates on these two.

The darker one is the sweetest little guy! I didn’t get to interact much with the other one, but I cuddled that other one for a long time. He’ll be a great pet for someone when he’s available.