Nicks Critter Rescue

Available animals 4/21/2022

1-Large Female Leopard Gecko

3- Bonded Female Guinea pigs (these ladies come with their entire setup and extras!)

1-Single Female Guinea Pig

2-Bonded pair of Chinchillas (Can come with large cage for extra fee)

3-Bonded Parakeets

1-Large Sized Female Rabbit

1-Red Easter Slider

1-Yellow Bellied Slider

1-Male DJungarian Dwarf Hamster

We are a Non-Profit specializing In the care and education of all critters. We are an amazing bunch of people who have a passion for those in need. We are currently a run through  system of excellent foster homes caring for critters.

We are a small scale rescue that is home and foster based, meaning we don’t have a physical location. We only take in and adopt out companion reptiles, amphibians, small animals, and on a case-by-case basis, birds. We do not take in or rehome cats, dogs, farm animals, or wildlife.

We help educate people on basic animal husbandry and care for all these critters. We want to ensure people have the correct information and correct setups for any critter they may adopt from us or currently have.

If you’re looking for a Dog or Cat to add to your family please check out your local rescue Midlands Humane Society. They are absolutely over flowing right now with some amazing dogs and cats looking for their forever home!!!